Something In His Eyes


More than just a glimmer,

Much more than just a spark.

A whole light, that is easily seen,

Within' those eyes so dark.

Going so far deeply-

Almost inward, to his soul.

Gets you lost in looking,

Yet he's so steady, so in control.

Such passion, such desire,

To do what it is, he does.

Such a steadfast, determination,

For this craft, that he so loves.

He's struggled hard to get here,

And more than paid his dues.

Those many years of playing the clubs,

Singing his kind, of soulful blues.

And yet, he reamins so humble,

Always remembers his original roots.

He's still that shy, Southern gentleman,

Just in a fancier pair of boots.

This rise to fame, will never change him,

And that I truely believe.

Because there's something in his eyes, that says,

"Who I am, will never leave."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written about and for Taylor Hicks.
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