Rhyming Poetry

All day in, all day out,

just leads to being frustrated.

Never what its cracked up to be.

Its all so overated.

Whoever wrote, 'a bowl full of cherries'

must have never had many wits.

Because the only thing in my bowl,

is dried up little pits!

And who's that fool that spoke of,

the sun coming out tomorrow?

All I see are cloudy skies,

full of rains and sorrow.

How can you see that 'brighter side?'

When your vision is clouded by tears.

How can you cross that path,

when your heart is full of fears?

How do you see the glass half full?

When it still won't quench your thirst.

To hell with the crap of 'how you played the game',

when you never come in first!

Its all just so monotinous,

and all so overstated.

Life is not all 'peachy keen.'

Its so damn overated!

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