Why Must I?


Why must I exist,
in state,
such as this?


Where compassion
is offered not my way
by those you'd expect.


Where all I long for,
is a normalcy,
I can't seem to find here.


Why must I suffer,
so much, so long
so hard, so intensely?


When all I wish,
is a day,
unlike all before.


When a simple smile,
sent my way,
has no ulterior motive.


Why must I continue,
to remain
where love has failed?


Where eyes,
that in past, spoke much,
now say nothing.


Where falseness stands
before me,
in such obvious truth.


Why must I expose myself
to these sufferings,
so unwanted nor provoked?


When it only serves
to add upon the misery
and the doubt.


When all I most desire,
is only plainly, simply, naturally,
to be loved...



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