Hope Is Never Lost

Soul Poetry

Tho times it seems remiss,

when life is full of dread,

its never completely gone,

as long as there's a thread.

It might be somewhat tattered,

the ends becoming frayed.

But its still there regardless

of how things get so waylaid.

Don't look at it as trite,

nor pointless or in vain.

For sometimes even the tiniest hope,

can ease the biggest pain.

Life is not, just what we make it,

but what it makes us out to be.

The things we can't control

sometimes blinds us too much to see.

Pride can be our biggest enemy

and cause our most dispair.

But even pride that's been bruised,

is not beyond repair.

Don't look at life so disheartened

or through eyes, so shaded dark.

Look to each day as an open road,

a new journey which to embark.

So grab on to that little thread,

no matter what the cost.

As long as there's, a tomorrow,

...hope is never lost.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For you, Bob...my brother, forever.
With much love,
Your sister,

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