Hubby's Vice

Funny, Ha, Ha

My hubby doesn't gamble

or stay out late at night.

He doesn't act the tough guy

always looking for a fight.

He stays away from trouble

works his butt off every day.

Busting his back 80 hours a week

to  bring home his hard earned pay.

Hubby isn't perfect though

you see, he has this vice.

But its nothing really serious

no hittin' or cheatin' on THIS wife!

No, he doesn't go out drinking

closing all the bars.

Hubby's vice is much more sobering,

its collecting Hot Wheel cars!

There's cars of every color

every style and size.

He looks at them with a passion

and longing in is eyes.

When he finds an old one he doesn't have,

or buys one that is new,

he adds it to the large amount

that started out as only a few!

But until it becomes a problem

its really no problem at all.

I've yet to hear of a Hot Wheels 12 step program,

meeting weekly in an old Elk's Hall!

So, hubby can have his vice.

At least I always know he is home.

As long as I have his collection and a hammer

I know my man won't roam!

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