That Soldier Is, My Son


How can it be, that he's now a man-

When he was just a young boy yesterday?

How can I handle, that they'll train him up,

Hand him a gun and may send him away?

Oh, how I'll worry, and pray to the Lord,

That He keep him safe, in the palm of His hand.

The fears in my heart, will keep me awake,

Whether he's here, or on some foreign land.

I know he believes in, the path that he's chosen,

And I stand beside him, wary, but proud.

He'll be so much more, than all he can be,

While he lives up to, the oath that he vowed.

No longer the little boy, playing with toys,

Those days of childhood games are done.

Now he'll fight, for the freedoms we have,

For that my son.

In a world where there is such dissent,

Today's heros, are a very different breed.

They enlist...knowing the all of the dangers,

And more than live up to, 'The Soldier's Creed.'

Now, my child, has joined the ranks,

Of those who proudly wear, the uniform.

Like thousands before, and in the present,

His duties, he'll honorably perform.

But being a mother, its with mixed emotions,

That I support him for what he has done.

To me, he's not, just another brave soul-

For that my son.

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