Three Years Past

I still can see those planes, when I shut tight, my eyes.

These ears, they yet can hear, those screams and all the cries.

Although it now has been, three long years gone past,

the debris may be all cleared, but those pictures, how they last.

Embedded forever deeply, and stamped into my brain,

they are mixed with all the horror, the anguish, the pain.

Its said that time, it heals, that it eases as we go on

and while its somewhat true, those images will never be gone.

So many nightmares later, haunted by sorrow and fears,

so many pillows dampened, by uncontrollable tears.

There's no way to put such a horror, out of our grief-stricken hearts.

Its hard to know where the grieving ends, and where the healing starts.

All we are left with is reminders, of a day that use to be.

And every single second of it, forever remains in me.

I will never forget, what happened on that day.

For some things in life, they fade-some things...they'll always stay.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

3 years...and still it hurts...

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