God Forgive Me...

The Dark Side

I want to witness

their destruction,

as they have destroyed.

I want to see them hurting,

as we have hurt.

I want to hear them cry,

as we have cried.

For what they have done,

they should suffer!

They NEED to suffer

as we have suffered!

It causes me great anguish

to feel such hatred

towards others.


they are the cause

of that emotion too.

What they did

is unforgivable.

A brutal act of violent terrorism

can only be met with

brutal retaliation.

They have no remorse!

They have no soul!

They laughed at the misery

and grief they caused!

They mocked and proudly boasted

their crime!


I want to laugh at

and mock

those filthy animals!

I want to laugh in the face

of THEIR misery,


and demise!

God forgive me...

I want to laugh

at their suffering

and anihalation!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written:08/20/02 regarding the terrorists of, and all terrorosist involved in, 09-11-01

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