Do They Validate?

Soul Poetry

After parking this conveyance I call my being,

in the closest spot I could find,

I went in search of something concrete,

something that would give credence

to my existance.

Something that made me stand out

in this lot of look-alike transporters.

There they were,

all lined up in neat little rows,

each trying to make a statement.

Each trying to be different,

though the trappings were all of similar form.

And while the makes and models were varied,

they all still derived

from the exact same concept of invention.

I needed to know I was not just another

mirror image of what's already been done,

billions of times over.

I needed to find an individual attribute,

an exclusive detail that said, 'this is me'.

I wanted to find a visible trait

that let me stand out in this crowd of sameness.

Long did I search,

hour after hour

up and down each row,

taking mental notes, in effort to discern

any small detail that made me unique

and apart

from these assembly line clones.

I searched until the darkness

fell upon my surroundings

and everything became

elongated and looming shadows.

And I noticed that each shadow

seemed to be searching for something as well.

It appeared I wasn't alone in my quest.

The silence that stilled the air before,

now became wrought with sounds of sadness,

sounds of lonliness

and sounds of desperation,

while I remained muted and calm.

It was then,

as I came once again to where I had begun,

that I noticed a single illuminated glow

coming from within' the vehicle of my person-

that shell I had parked there

so many hours before.

While every other one around,

remained pitched in the blackness,

my interior seemed to be alight.

It seemed to be awaiting my return,

knowing I would find what it was I sought,

right there where I had unknowingly left it.

And realization engulfed me.

I need not search outside of me

for what already lie within'.

I need not look for

that which I already possess.

I need not search for validation of me.

I only needed to look inside.

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