Why Couldn't It Be Me?

Little girl of mine,

how I wish I could take

your burdon

upon myself.

I wish I could inflict

your pain

inside my being,

so you won't have to suffer.

I wish I could take

your fears

and quell them

inside my own heart.

I wish the fates

had marked me

as their conquest

and not you, my child.

I am not afraid of pain for myself,

but the fear of knowing you will hurt,

aches me more

than any pain I suffer.

Why couldn't it have been me?

What's one more disease

to this already afflicted soul?

I want the suffering, so you will not.

I'll glady bear the weight

so you may walk free

and easy minded,

no worries at your young heels.

I ask God to give your plight to me

to let me shoulder it,

let me take your place.

I ask this of Him daily.

Why must you be afflicted

with this disease

when here I am, a willing host?

Oh, why couldn't it be me?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my sweet little 10 yr old daughter, Sarah, who was diagnosed with Lyme Disease last week.

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