An Ode To Trolls

Funny, Ha, Ha

They're stinky and smelly

with big hairy faces.

They love to post nonsense

at online places.

They're rude and obnoxious,

they talk from their a$$es,

so jealous of those,

in the higher web classes.

They've nothing nice,

to ever say or post.

Their so-called knowledge

in nothing more than a boast.

They come to annoy

and to aggravate.

They must be so lonley,

in their pitiful state.

No one to play with,

nary a friend.

No one to talk to,

nor e-mails to send.

So they lurk in boards,

just to stir up the place.

Posting only to conflict

and lessen the pace.

Its really quite surprising,

they even know how to type.

But its usually all gibberish,

that they endlessly gripe.

Yeah, those d*mn trolls

are just always in the way.

Just trolling along

where no one wants them to stay.

They wear out their welcome,

pretty darn quickly.

Guess its all they can do,

with brains so sickly.

They serve no purpose,

except to ruin spoil.

But hey, I've heard tell,

they taste good, fried in oil!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Trolls...*ARGH!!!* You know who you are!! lol

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