He Da Man-Vinnie's Poem


Yeah, he's quiet, and yeah he's shy,

but that's what makes him a favorite, OCC guy!

He goes about his business, not in anyone's way,

just trying to make it, through another work day.

Talent, yeah, he's sure got that.

And have we ever seen him...NOT wearin' a hat?

His low-keyed comments, always take the cake,

he's so non-chalant in the remarks he can make.

A loyal friend, and that's easy to see.

He loves 'em like brothers, Paul and Mikey.

He has a strong bond, through thick and thin,

especially when Senior gets under his skin!

A delight to his fans, who he treats so kind.

A nicer guy, you'd be hard-pressed to find.

Always a smile or a signing of his name.

Yet, his head isn't swelled from this sudden-found fame.

A whiz with the tools in his masterful hands,

always giving to Senior, all he demands.

And how can you not love, when he yells 'Yahtzee!!'?

Like a little kid, in Christmas morning glee.

Yeah, Paulie's got dimples, but hey! Vinnie does too!

It just took one grin, and on me, they grew.

He's easy going, laidback, and I'm sure a fan.

Cause without a doubt...He Da Man!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one's for Vinnie...Da Man! lol

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