'I Have A Dream'-Paulie's Poem


Paulie went to the shop one day,

with something heavy on his mind.

He knew he had to tell his dad,

why he was draggin' his behind.

He walked right into the office and said,

'Hey, Pops, we gotta talk.

There's something I need to say to you

and I know you're gonna balk.

I love what I do here,

fabricating all these bikes.

But I have some other things-

intrests, hobbies and likes.

You see, I'm not real happy.

there's something else I'd rather be doin'.

I'd have said it long ago,

but for fear of your ass-chewin'.

Senior sat way back,

puttin' his size twelves up on the desk.

'O.K. Paulie, lets hear it,

but hurry up, the shop is a mess!'

Paulie stood there contemplating

just what he would say.

Not too sure of 'if he should'

from the looks Senior was throwing his way!

'Well, Pops', he said, 'I've tried,

to do my very best.

But something else is calling me,

high above the rest.

I've thought about it a real long time

and finally came to see,

that maybe building choppers...

is NOT the thing for me.'

Senior raised one eyebrow,

his face was growing red.

'Come on Junior, spit it out'!

imapatiently, he said.

Paulie stood there figity,

building up his nerve.

He knew he had to 'get it out'

for Pops was quite perturbed.

'I've come to a conclusion, Pops,

of what I want to do with my life.

Something besides building bikes

or settling down with a wife.

Its a dream I've always had.

Its what I REALLY want to do.

Its been my only actual dream...

and its past time that you knew.'

'Come on Junior, HURRY UP!' Sr. said.

'We don't have all day!

There's bikes waitin' to be built

and bills I gotta pay!'

Paulie knew he had to say it...

just had to get it out.

So with one big, inhaled breath,

he finally said it with a shout.

'Pop, I gotta do this!!!

It may be my last chance!!!

I can't work here anymore!!!

For I JUST wanna sing and dance!!!'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is Paulie's poem. lol
Jus couldn't help myself! lol

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