I Got Those 'Takin' The Trash Out' Blues (Mikey's Poem)


Its another day, another holler,

being choked, by this blue collar.

(Cause Pop is mad and on my case again)

He can't stand for any slackin'.

Upside my head, he'll give a whackin'.

(So, I'll just do my job and shut my mouth.)

Same old drudgery every day.

Is it really worth, my measly pay?

(I could get a better job than this!)

Jr. he gets all the glory,

no one wants to hear my story.

(But hey, I've built a damn cool bike myself!)

There's Pop now, I can even hear him scowl'

'Mikey! THE TRASH!'-His usual howl.

('Yeah, Pops I'm on it.' Got nuttin' better to do, I guess.)

'NOW!'-'Alright Pops, I'll be right there!'

Shucks, doesn't anybody care?

(I'm tired of being just their 'garbage man.')

Yeah, there's been plenty of clues

and now I've got those...

'takin' the trash out' blues.

Back and forth to the bin I go,

while their all being the 'stars of the show'.

(Maybe I should just do commercials for Hefty and Glad!)

'Cause then I'd get much more attention.

Wouldn't be just a 'Junior-extension'.

(I'd be quite famous in my very own right!)

But first I gotta go dump this bag.

Pop won't tollerate any lag.

(so, its back out to the back I go again.)

I sure can feel that feelin' growing,

been so long like this, its easy knowing.

(I'm tired of being their 'sanitation man'!)

Yeah, there's been plenty of clues

and now I got those...

'takin' the trash out' blues.

Yeah, its really gettin' to be old news...

I've got those...

run down, worn out

twist tied twistin'

dumpin' haulin, heavy liftin'

big green baggin'-

'takin' the trash out'......blues!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To Mikey of OCC...cause I jus love the guy!! lol

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