Steel Mustang

Rhyming Poetry

A two wheeled feral horse,

always ready to run.

Ridin' the highway like a range,

headed for, the setting sun.

Metal muscled power,

built from naked frame.

Soul of a wild mustang,

its rider can never tame.

Saddle of crafted leather

makes a sturdy seat.

Sailing over open miles,

the wind beneath your feet.

Ridin' like a demon free,

over any uncharted course.

Taking the lead with such an ease,

like that of an unbroken horse.

Speed is all that it desires

and speed is what it attains.

Power rushes through its spirit,

as if blood ran through its chains.

Just like a rugged cowboy,

seated firmly to his mount,

rider becomes one with machine,

at speeds too fast to count.

An animal like that,

can never be corraled.

It must be free to run,

its velocity must be allowed.

You can feel its awesome power,

vibrating from your steed.

Let it open-up the wind

and give it the space it needs.

For its a steel mustang,

born to straddle and ride.

Just let it take the lead

and run it open wide!

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