I Dreamed Me Well


I wished I didn't

awaken this morning...

for last night,

I dreamed me whole.

I dreamed me well.

There was no pain,

not a single ache,

nor twinge,

nor hurt.

Only utter peace.

It felt so good,

to feel something

other than agony,

other than misery

for a change.

It felt so right,

as if it were the way

I was meant to be,

had not fate

took hold the control.

I was liberated from

the heavy

and binding chains

which have held me captive

so many long years now.

Yet, it was almost as though

I was lost and unsure

of what to do,

for the pain had been

a constant companion so long.

I knew not

how to react

to this 'wellness'

when sickness

had always been.

Then morning set in

and the irony, along with it,

as I woke

to the omni-present agony

and the oldness of young bones.

I should have known better.

Should have realized it wasn't real.

For my dreams only come when asleep

and my nightmare,

every time I awaken.

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