Cowboy Poetry

It was a time of justice,

when outlaws knew fear.

It was the wild west,

of yesteryear.

When men were rugged

and rode the range.

When progress came

in slow-paced change.

When ladies were demure

and blushed at a glance.

When poker was the main,

gaming of chance.

Where horses and wagons,

filled dirt-packed streets.

And tiny hands begged,

for merchantile sweets.

When the skies were vast,

and high-rises blocked no view.

When the mark of high society,

was an indoor loo.

When the strongest drug,

was homemade mash.

And every dollar,

was hard-earned cash.

Where time slowed down

and no one rushed.

When nights were silent

and earth stayed hushed.

When cowboys got rowdy,

at the local saloon.

Where the piano player,

tickled out a downhome tune.

Yeah, it was a time of struggle

and many a tear.

But today can't compare...

to yesteryear.

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