Say A Prayer For Me?


If at night, you get down,

To the floor on bended knee,

Won't you please, take a moment,

And say a prayer for me?


I feel too overwhelemed sometimes,

To do this all alone.

Won't you add a word for me,

While you are prayerful prone?


I don't ask very much of others,

Its simply not my style.

But this, I am now asking-

Think of me, for a little while?


This burdon's become too heavy,

It weighs down my very soul.

Please ask God to strenghten me,

As these afflictions have taken their toll.


I'm not asking for a healing,

For there are many far worse than I.

I only need a reprieve from this pain,

Which I can no longer ignore, nor deny.


My body, it grows weaker,

As it becomes too much to bear.

My mind has become so weary,

From living in this despair.


I've tried to push it aside,

And cling to a bit of hope.

But now its just too much to carry,

And I find it harder to cope.


I've sent my worries up to Him,

All this fear, and worry, and doubt.

But I could use some extra help,

To help me work this out.


So maybe when you go to Him,

In your nightly 'spiritual words to Thee',

Could you maybe, possibly,

Say a prayer for me?



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