Broady Bill

Funny, Ha, Ha

Down a country road,

way back in the hills,

was a little run-down shack,

inhabited by Broady Bill.

Broady was an ornary ole coot,

did things his own way.

In a still he made his moonshine-

his only form of pay.

The local men all came to him,

when their throats were dry.

They laid their money down,

to get their backwoods high.

They'd stay awhile and play some cards,

Broady dealing his very own deck.

These men were none the wiser as they lost,

and much to drunk to check!

When their pockets were empty,

Broady sent them all on home

and he always stood their laughing,

as the wrong directions they would roam.

He'd go inside and count his take,

then head to a crooked tree out back,

to bury it beneath, in a coffee can,

before retiring to his shack.

Broady grinned and always thought,

"Those fools will never know."

-See, he never revealed his hiding spot,

not one man did he ever show.

Broady lived to a ripe old age,

died at a hundred and three.

The local men carried Broady Bill,

and buried him under that crooked tree.

In that ground, they found the coffee cans,

which Broady had carefully stashed.

So they toasted him with his moonshine,

and divided up his cash!

They placed a marker upon his grave,

and this is what the headstone read...

"Broady Bill....May You Rest In Peace...

But You Can't Take It With You When You're Dead!"

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