Lupus Be Damned!!!


Lupus, be damned!!

Depart from my place!

I'm sick of your appearance,

upon my face!

You show yourself,

upon my cheeks, my nose.

A butterfly perched

in frozen pose.

You're blatently obvious

allowing all to see,

just WHO holds the power,

the control of me!

Lupus be damned!

I did not ask you to come,

to leave me so weakened,

nor my very soul to be numb!

You were not invited,

but my party, you've crashed.

You stay after hours,

till I'm completely trashed!

Lupus be damned!

What is your goal?

Will you beat me till bloody?

Till I'm no longer whole?

Will you ever have mercy

upon my fate?

Or laugh in mirth,

when a cure is too late?

Lupus be damned!

You're determined to win.

But I am determined,

to never give in!

So sit there, pompous,

in your sinful delight.

But rememebr damn Lupus,

I intend to give fight!

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