Goodbye Cruel World

The Dark Side

Goodbye cruel world, its time to die,

by way of pills, in my supply.

Its time to leave, from here, I flee.

The only way, I'll ever be free.

From all my pain, all my distress,

its the only way, to clean up this mess.

It hasn't been, the way I had hoped.

I've tried for years, can no longer cope.

They wouldn't care, nor grieve too long.

I'm too beaten by 'weak', to continue the strong.

Yes, they'll move on, pretty darn quick.

No more forced to deal, with one, so sick.

No more harsh words said,

to these, my listening ears.

No more ridiculing my beliefs,

no more disregarding my tears.

No more putting me down,

nor abusing my good intentions.

No more looks of disdain,

nor all their inattention.

I'll make my exit, sure and swift.

Then my suffering, from me, will lift.

My body is tired, my heart is broke,

my mind is weary, my tears, they choke.

I find no reason, to continue to try.

To my cruel world, I bid you, 'Goodbye...'

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