The Dark Side

And I move into the mist-

that beckoning beacon

urging me to contemplate

the way out

of this misery's stronghold.

Lured onward by what

darkness promises-

peace, serenity, rest,

I turn a shy eye

towards the shadows.

A questioning glance

towards taking that direction,

yet steps falter

when I come too close to

the edge of blissful oblivion.

And I step backwards,

lest I stumble

and plunge downwards

into temptation's

gnarly fingers.

For simply because

one is tempted

by what darkness offers,

does not mean

the bait shall be taken.

With squared shoulders,

I make my stance

and position myself

for the choice of life-

or beyond.

And I turn away,

leaving behind

that which tempted

me to follow

those faltering footprints.

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