Life's Tender Moments

Family & Memories

A tiny hand in a big one,

a little face with a smile so wide.

Life's tender moments,

that you hold inside.

The very first kiss,

that felt so very right.

Another tender moment,

you keep in your heart so tight.

Looking into old eyes,

and the wisdom thats in there.

A tender moment in life,

that you get to share.

Hearing the words, "I love you,"

whispered in your ear.

In one of those moments,

that bring a happy tear.

Walking down an aisle,

and speaking the words, "I do."

A special tender moment,

one so pure and true.

Holding your child for the first time,

hearing your baby's cry.

Life's tender moments,

too fast they pass us by.

Your little one, climbing on a bus,

the hand in the window as they wave.

Tender moments in time,

that you will always save.

A family picnic, a country drive,

a birthday party with cake.

All are life's tender moments,

and the memories that we make.

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