We're Still Standing Tall

They snuck up behind us

when our guard was down.

The blasts were felt

in every city and town.

They thought that by this,

we would all crumble.

That America would break,

her freedom would tumble.

But they weren't prepared

for our retaliation,

from an angry, hurt

and grieving nation.

They didn't expect us

to rise from the ashes,

but swiftly we did

while smoke still rose from the crashes.

They caused so much aching

so many of us died,

but they weren't expecting

our strong American Pride!

Yes, we became stronger

so much more united.

Our determination grew,

our spirits ignited!

Our flags flew in unison,

their colors never more bright.

They have flown every morning since,

every day and every night.

They felt the talons

of our sharp eagle claws.

Their underestimation of us,

was their biggest of flaws.

On that Septemeber 11'th,

as we watched buildings burn and fall,

American's stumbled,

but we're still standing tall!!!!


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