She Dared To Dream

Soul Poetry


and she took it,

against the odds presented

and the doubts, prolonged.

Knowing there's never anything certain

save for the pain of every days,

she dared to dream.

Dared fate to meet her halfway

and head-on.

She expected the roadblocks,

they have never not been there.

She expected the criticism,

for there are those that live by such.

What she didn't expect,

was the hard and stinging

smack in the face by fate,

or the loud, mocking laughter

as she stumbled forward.

Where was her 'support team?'

Where was her confidence?

Had it too, like her hopes,

abandoned her at these crossroads?

Had it left her standing there,

alone and insecure,

as so many times before?

Had it deserted her

when she needed it the most?

Was she being punished

because she dared to dream a dream

she already knew

would never come to its fruition?

What reason, she always wondered,

did she even bother such a hapless attempt

at normalcy?

What cruel joke

was she always trying to play upon herself,

by such rose-colored foolishness?

What right did she have,

after all,

in even daring to dream,

when her nightmares of reality

far outweigh those of her senseless illusions?

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