Innocence Is Lost


My children are crying,
late into the night.
They are now filled with fear,
and consumed with fright.


Their little bodies shake,
with more than they can bear.
They are petrified of the sounds,
of planes in the air.


Awakened by nightmares,
their innocence is lost.
Shattered by terrorism,
and all it has cost.


How do you explain to children,
what has happened on our land?
When we as adults,
do not understand.


They need to feel they are safe,
of the tragedy that came America's way.
And hope to never see it happen again,
that is what we pray.


Along with the rubble,
and so much loss of life,
Lies the innocence of our children,
who now struggle with this strife.


Our country may be scarred,
but of this the children need to be sure.
We will rise from the ashes and destruction,
to stand tall and proud once more.



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