A Year Ago Today

On this day,

one year ago,

our country was engulfed

in grief and sorrow.

I sat there that morning

watching the screen,

unbelief in my eyes

as I stared at the scene.

Then I watched live

as the second plane hit tower two.

In utter disbelief

my fear and shock grew.

I dropped to the floor crying,

upon my knees

as into the Pentagon,

crashed plane number three.

Then word came of crash number four,

into Pennsylvania woodlands,

was there still to be more?

Sobbing and screaming

in my house all alone,

calling my husband at work

to hear his voice on the phone.

Worrying for my kids,

who were all at school.

Were they aware of this tragedy,

of this act so cruel?

Then as I sat there watching,

before my very tearful eyes,

a tower crumbled

and fell from the skies!

I screamed for those people

who surely had died,

for the rescuers who had run

so fearlessly inside.

I ached with pain,

like never before,

pounding my fists

upon my living room floor.

Then the other tower

also began to fall.

Time seemed to stop,

seconds to crawl.

People ran scared

through the city streets,

showered by debris

of steel and concrete.

I felt so helpless

watching in horror and disdain.

My tears wouldn't stop,

sobs I could not restrain.

It all seemed sureal,

this nightmarish display,

but I saw it all happen,

one year ago today.

Cathy Faist 09/11/02

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