There Is No Forgetting 9/11/01

A year has past.

The wreckage removed.

Time has gone on

but the horror remains.

Its embedded in

the hearts

of the loved ones,

in the memories

of survivors,

in the eyes

of all

who watched.

Vivid pictures

of the sureal scene

replay over

in my mind.

The sights

and sounds

of that day

shall be with me


There is

no forgetting

such a horrific tragedy.

There is no

letting go

of such saddness.

There is no way

to erase

such scenes

from your mind.

They are engraved

in me


No amount

of time

can pass

that will

lessen the pain

left behind.

There is

no forgetting


Cathy Faist 09-11-02

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