Shhh...The Dead Are Sleeping

The sky was pitched in black, the color of Satan's blood.

The moon glowed crimson, his eyes, sinister and watching.

Mist hung low, curling about the marble stones

and slowly ran in moisture trails,

filling the deeply carved epitaphs of those who lie beneath.

The wind bellowed in low groans, breaking the eerie silence.

Scents of decay mingled with the aroma of the Autumn night.

The mood was just right. Just right, for an All Hallow's Eve.

The cast iron gate, that held death in its place,

slowly creeked open, on rusty hinges.

Four shadowy figures, entered, cautiously,

garbed in the holiday's traditional attires,

all four, regretting to their cores,

the dare they accepted, earlier that night.

Apprehensively, they moved forward, seemingly as one being,

for all the distance that seperated their quaking forms.

They all knew of the tales, regaled by the townsfolk,

of how the dearly departed, buried there,


one night,

every one hundred years.

This was that night.

That night that no one dared cross beyond the gate,

for fear of awakening those who slept there.

For rumor had it, that once awoken,

they would live again-

in a state of death and kill whomever had disturbed their peace.

To complete the dare, the foursome, were required

to bring back the cross that was mounted

upon the highest stone.

In utter fear, they approached the grave,

where the highest stone stood.

They had decided beforehand, to construct

a human ladder, to reach the top.

Any bravery they possesed earlier that evening,

as they boasted their courage,

fled from their bodies, as quickly

as their blood ran cold.

Three, made the ladder, feet on shoulders,

while the fourth stood below,

keeping watch and keeping them steady.

As the one up top, reached, with shaking hand,

to remove the cross from its moorings,

the moment the cross was grasped,

the air stilled....

and the ground shook.

It grew in its trembling fury, as the four tried

to keep from toppling.

All at once, the dirt floor beneath them,

split open in a thunderous roar,

and down they fell...

into, the now, open grave.

Its said, that night,

the entire town heard the four screaming.

Screaming, until, they could scream, no more...

No one doubts the fate of those four,

though no one ever went to find out,

what became of them that All Hallow's Eve.

For, no one dare enter,

the once sacred grounds,


that the dead,

have awoken.

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