Where The Darkness Takes You

The Dark Side

Down into its wall-less pit,

no ledge or life line to grasp,

it takes you,



into its cavernous hole.

In fear,

and sometimes, basking joy,

you remain,

shut up in the silence,

with only the sounds

of your own inner voices

to break the stillness.

It takes you,


and delivers you,


into tiny bits

of what you once were,

who you once were.

Relentless in its task,

it pummels your mind,

with unrational thought

and nightmares

of wishful desires.

It twists your heart,

in an uncirculating grasp,

till your pulse beats thready

and wanes,

leaving your blood

a chilled cocktail,

you have no choice but to imbibe in,

lest you die of your thirst

to be whole and free.

The darkness takes you,

whenever it wants.

Takes you and rapes you,

in a sweated copulation

of wills.

You both hate and enjoy,

the orgasmic rapture,

as it takes you up and over

the edge of reality,

the crest,

of dark desire.

You writhe under its pressure,

as pleasure and pain

intertwine your senses,

until one or the other,

is sated.

You long for its touch,

the only source of comfort,

in this realm.

You battle with the norm,

contemplating the forbidden

sex it offers.

Its a game of chance,

you either win or lose.

But when you're where

the darkness takes you,

you don't care, either way.

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