Foolish Dreamer

Soul Poetry

As a little girl, I longed to someday

wear the honorable white cloak

of a nurse.

to be a 'Florence Nightengale'

helping others, in their need.

        It was what I'd always dreamed.

then marriage and motherhood,

found me as a young teen.

As a young woman, I longed to live

a full and healthy life,

always being there for my family

and enjoying,

every waking moment.

        It was what I'd always dreamed.

Then Lupus found me,

and destroyed all hope.

As a grown woman, I longed to be a poet,

a succesful, published poet,

who's words graced pages in bounded books,

to be perused by admiring eyes.

By souls, who 'felt' my words

within' themselves.

        It was what I'd always dreamed.

Then reality found me

and closed the door in my face.

        Foolish, foolish dreamer...

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