Captive Creature


I am an eagle,

who's wings have been clipped,

a tigress, who's been declawed,

a parrot, who's throat has been slit.

I am a gazel,

who's legs have been paralyzed,

a wild horse, who's spirit has been broken,

a leopard, who's been penned in a cave.

I'm a fox,

taken in the wooded hunt,

a butterfly, caught in a net,

a minnow, snagged on a baited hook.

I'm a mouse,

snarred in a trap,

a puppy, trained to heel,

a wolf, who's howl has been muzzled silent.

I'm a bear,

who's been tagged and numbered,

a deer, in a shotgun's sight,

a dolphin, held in tanked captivity.

I'm caged, captured, confined.

Won't someone set me free?

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