To Whom It May Concern

The Dark Side

To Whom It May Concern,

I won't ask for your forgiveness for what I have done,

due to the fact that you helped lead me here.

I won't say, 'miss me, think of me, etc...etc...'

for you won't anyway.

I won't say how much I battled with this decision,

because you shall be grateful for it.

I won't say what I leave for who,

since I have nothing left to leave.

I won't say why I've done this,

you should already know the answer to that.

I won't say, 'don't cry.'

You won't. Not for long at least.

I won't say, 'be happy in life.'

for this should make you thrilled.

I won't say, 'Goodbye.'

I won't say 'I'm sorry.'

I won't say anything,

now that I'm dead.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is NOT something I would actually do. This is the only way I would do such a thing...through writing.

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