Follow these instructions,

reading them with care.

They will tell you how to live,

and get through life's despair.

Step one is really simple,

be honest and be true.

Telling lies only hurts others,

and in the end hurts you.

Step two you must listen closely,

always taking heed.

Never strive for fortune,

it only leads to greed.

Step three is very important,

cause no one unnecessary pain.

By having malice towards others,

there's nothing to be gained.

Step four is most required,

concerning those you love.

Be there for them always,

especially when push comes to shove.

Step five you must be careful,

it involves your heart and soul.

Live a clean and healthy life,

and you will remain whole.

These instructions are provided,

to help you live with ease.

But like all things in life,

there are no guarantees.

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