High Stakes

Cowboy Poetry

Everything he owned,

rode on this one last hand.

Buck stared at the cards he held,

and at the deed to his land.

It lay there on the table,

amidst the coins of gold.

He prayed for the card he needed,

knowing the other guy would never fold.

Watching him very closely,

his Stetson riding low.

Buck looked into his eyes,

hoping if he was bluffing, it would show.

He knew a cheater when he saw one,

and this scoundrel's reputation was well known.

He had to be very careful now,

so his cover wouldn't be blown.

For Buck was a US Marshall,

who always got his man.

He planned to beat this one at his own game,

and this was the cheaters last stand.

Buck slowly laid down his cards,

and slid only one across.

"Just one." he quietly drawled,

knowing it could mean his loss.

The cheater grinned and dealt his card,

Buck saw it come from the bottom of the deck.

And in a flash he swiftly moved,

his Colt at the cheaters neck.

"I think you made a mistake my friend."

Buck growled in the scoundrel's ear.

"This time you cheated the wrong man,

and now you'll know the fear."

He lifted the man to his feet,

all eyes in the room were fixed.

Buck quickly handcuffed him,

so he couldn't try any tricks.

"Seems you cheated the Marshall." Buck said,

flashing the gold star under his vest.

"You may have cheated many before,

but you'll never cheat the best."

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