Aged To Perfection

Rhyming Poetry

The old folks looked so lonely,

sitting in their chairs.

Staring out the windows,

wondering if anyone still cares.

Placed in a nursing home,

to finish out their days.

Some still had their wits about them,

while others seemed in a daze.

All they had left of their long lives,

filled their tiny rooms.

they knew not how much time they had left,

and some knew the end was soon.

Waiting for family to arrive,

to visit with them for awhile,

Was the highlight of their week,

and always brought a smile.

These residents of the home,

sat with each other to reminisce.

Old men told each other war stories,

old ladies spoke of their first kiss.

Laughing at old memories of the past,

at just a mere suggestion,

By living such rich, good lives,

these old folks had aged to perfection.

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