Shadow World

The Dark Side

When illumination settles just right,

my alter-ego appears again.

Keeping in step with me,

sometimes taking the lead.

I willingly fall back and follow,

for sometimes it knows the way

better than I.

Mimicking my every movement,

a silhouette of me.

Or am I the one who mimics?

Who's really in control here?

While it has the power to appear

and vanish at will,

I remain alone

and stranded in this world.

Is there a place where shadows lurk?

Where they congregate

to compare notes of us simple humans?

A place where shadows

are constantly coming and going?

Sliding in and out

of an unknown dimension?

A place where they dance

and glide,

where they seem to collide

and mesh into one another?

Yet no one seems to mind

or even notice?

Is it a place of constant light

where shadows never fade into the darkness

nor melt into the background?

Does my shrouded twin retreat there

every time it is done with me?

Only to return

when the light once again falls just right?

Just enough for it to survive here?

Where does my shadow go

when I no longer see it there?

To another realm?

An undiscovered place?

An uncharted land?

The secret society

of a

SHADOW WORLD...................

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