When Can I Rest At Last?


'tis not for me to know,

the day You choose

to call me home...

I do understand that.

But, Father,

some days,

I grow so weary,

its all I can do,

to make my way

through another day

of this unending pain.

These pains,

these all consuming pains,

leave me weakened,

mind, body and soul,

leave me drained

of hope and the will

to go on,

and though I dig

for needed strength,


I'm too far down,

to even care anymore.


many days,

many times,

You have heard me

crying out,

'Please...just let me die!'

Its those days,

that are the hardest,

those moments

of feeling so much pain,

in all its forms,

of feeling so alone,

so unloved,

and so very, very tired,

that I long to ask You,


can I rest, at last?'

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