Evil Desire

The Dark Side

The stench of evil desire,

permeates from you

and stings my senses,

stings them with anger,

hatred and fury.

You are not welcome


The novelty of you

and this liason,

has worn quite thin.

I grow bored

of your games-

all your fuckin'


You play me like

a pawn,

sitting vulnerable

on this black square

of life!

Who the fuck,

do you think

you are?

How dare you,

think you can

have me

whenever you grow hard

and horny?!

I am not yours

for the taking!

So, fuck-off

and leave me be!

You molest me,

with cold,

crawling hands,

that leave scars

along my skin

and shivers of


along my spine.

Look at you,

erect and


like a letch,

wanting me,

so very badly,

to rape, use

and toss aside!

Oh yes,

you want me.

Want me so badly,

you can taste it!

You long to touch me,


and screw the life

right out of me.

You're lustfull,

sinsiter eyes,

undress me,

to the naked soul

and burn through

my flesh.

Aahhh...you like

what you see, do you?

Well, fuck-you!

You can't have your way

with this body any more!!!

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