He Is...

Family & Memories

He is...

my son.

My second born baby,

now, a strapping young man,

almost eighteen.

Can this six foot, three,

two hundred and fifty

pound tower, really be

the little boy who held

my hand, staring up at me

with his, oh so dark eyes?

He is a big and rugged

mountain lion,

with the gentle soul

of a pussycat and a caring

giving heart.

The pride I have for him,

is immense,

as I watch him rush off,

to answer a call for help.

For he is...

a volunteer firefighter,

volunteer first-aider

with EMS.

He is a senior in high school,

also persuing his college

EMT training courses at night.

He is the boy,

who gives unselfishly of himself,

for the good of others,

and stays away from the troubles

brought, by drugs and drinking.

He is the big kid at heart,

who I play silly games of,

'Gotcha Last,' tearing through

the house, until we are breathless

and laughing on the floor.

He is the boy who has overcome

obstacles from childhood-

major surgery, at age one,

Tourette's Syndrome, from age 4,

and ADHD, throughout his

growing years.

He is the young man,

planning on a military career,

in 'Special Forces.'

He is a dreamer,

who grasps his dreams

with both hands, tight

and never lets go.

He is Joshua,

the child I am so proud,

to call...

my own.

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