The Reaper Grim

The Dark Side

He stalks the darkened hours,

when your chance of escape is slim.

No one ever sees his face,

but all fear, the Reaper Grim.

Gnarly hands, reach out from blackness,

to curl around your throat,

and all you hear is evilness,

in his vicious, laughing gloat.

With an intake of his rancid breath,

he inhales the air from your lungs,

and whispers to you demonically,

'The terror has only begun!'

His tongue snakes out in determination,

with a razor pointed tip.

A fiery sword of immorality,

from which poisoned saliva drips.

He finds his mark, then strikes,

imbedding it into your vein,

imbibing every ounce of blood,

till there's nothing left to drain.

There, he leaves you lying-

an empty, dried-up shell,

leaving as quickly, as he came

and laughing all the way back to hell!

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