At The Mercy Of Wolves


With the coming of the full moon,

they came out of hiding,

Alpha leading the way,

as the hunt began again.

Slinking through the illuminated night,

preying upon the weaker,

prowling on sure-footed paws,

snouts raised,

they sniff out the crimson sweat

that beads upon the forehead

of that which they search.

(They know well the odor of fear

and use it fully to their advantage.)

Silver-gray shadows move soundlessly

across the mountain floor,

ice-blue eyes penetrating a gaze

that cuts through the mist

with dagger force.

Their quarry, being the main objective,

they stray not from the course,

ignoring all other forest inhabitants,

who make haste to clear a path

for the advancing pack.

Alpha stops mid-stride,

nostrils flaring in the night air.

The rest follow suit,

sitting on their haunches,

awaiting the signal from their leader.

It was then that I saw them,

silhouetted by the moon,

the fur on their napes raised to bristling.

I knew it was me they sought.

I knew they would be coming again.

For this was not the first time

I hid beneath the boughs of a tall pine

hoping to elude them.

But they are the masters of the hunt,

and I,

their game.

I remained stone-still

but they knew exactly where I hid.

Alpha's lips curled into a salacious grin

as his head turned towards the place

where I crouched.

Clenched in his ivory teeth

was the offering he always proffered

a single, blood-red, thorny rose.

Submissively I moved into the moonlit path,

as there was no use

in attempting escape.

Once again, I was at the mercy of wolves

as I quietly re-joined the pack.

Alpha had come for his lady once more...

as we are bound for this life.

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