Half Past My Dreams

Soul Poetry

My life clock

moves in slower pace

than in days past,

though by the same token,

moves faster

with each that passes.

And I am left

to wonder,

to reflect

at the current hour

of my existance...

Have I done,

all I wished to do?

Have I seen,

all I wished to see?

Have I said,

all I wished to say?

And I wonder too...

is it too late

to reach my pinacle,

to scale all the mountains

I have longed to scale?

Am I only left standing here

at this bottom,

seeking to view the peaks

I haven't yet climbed?

Is there yet,

a chance

to attain the heights

I have so long

wished to reach?

Can I overtake the passages

of time

before its too late?

Or am I already

half past my dreams

and lying in wait,

at a quarter to

my midnight hour?

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