Destination Unknown

Rhyming Poetry

From time to time,

along the way.

I've chosen some paths,

that led me astray.

They took me one direction,

and I never saw the signs.

That warned me to turn back,

from the dangers I would find.

I've met with a few road blocks,

found myself at dead ends.

Always looking for my destination,

just around the bends.

I tried to stay on the right side,

of those railroad tracks.

But sometimes I'd cross over,

never wanting to go back.

Maps to me were useless,

I had no set course.

I never used a compass,

or a guide of any source.

I only wandered around,

mile after tiring mile.

Never stopping to rest too long,

only for a little while.

Setting back on my journey,

not knowing who I might meet.

Determined to find my way again,

to the sunny side of the street.

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