Lost Child

I sat there in the park,

one hot and sunny day.

Watching pigeons forge for food,

and children at their play.

Over in the corner,

sitting underneath a tree,

there was one sad little child,

looking back at me.

Her tiny face looked lost,

so scared and all alone.

She clutched her knees up to her chest,

I could see she was skin and bones.

I looked around and watched,

if anyone approached or cared.

But no one even acknowledged her,

as though she wasn't there.

It was like I was the only one,

who could see this frightened girl.

So I got up and made my way over,

and my whole life just unfurled.

For when I took a closer look,

I was taken aback at what I did see.

That little girl sitting there,

was the child I use to be.

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