Their First Time



The fire in her eyes,
told him of her need.
He knew that she was nervous,
and so he took the lead.


Carressing her cheek so lightly,
he pulled her close to him.
They held on to each other,
and let their loving begin.


Gently his hands moved on her,
feeling her warming skin.
As their passion overtook them,
they felt the heat within'.


With his mouth he took her,
where she'd never been before.
With lips and tongue he teased her,
until she begged for more.


They joined then with their bodies,
their hearts, their souls, their minds.
Till all the doubt and hesitation,
was left so far behind.


Their bodies moved together,
till they were both fullfilled.
This melding of two lovers,
was what the fates had willed.


They lay there close together,
in their tempered afterglow,
until their frantic heatbeats,
finally began to slow.


When their breathing had returned,
they knew their passion wasn't abated.
So they began again,
not ending, till both were sated.


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