HE Will Return

It will happen as written-

As prophesied,

One day He'll return,

Descending the skies.

In an ethereal flash,

Many will remain.

Left here behind,

In Satan's domain.

Those who were written,

On the Book Of Life's pages,

Will be Raptured to Heaven,

As promised for ages.

All will be peaceful,

Beyond those Gates.

While down upon earth,

They shall suffer their fates.

Plagues of fire,

Locusts and quakes,

As the 'seals' are opened

And the Trumpets, out-break.

But all won't be lost,

For new believers will be 'sealed.'

Until the 'Glorious Appearing'

Their 'mark' is their shield.

Then again, He will return,

For a thousand year reign.

Satan will be banished,

And held fast in chain.

My faith is strong,

That I will be 'Raptured' too,

When He first returns,

Calling His Church, thereunto.

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