The Rendezvous



Middle of the humid night,
on a dimly lit side street.
Two shadows come together,
as finally, the lovers meet.


He gently cups her face,
and leans in for a kiss.
She falls into his arms,
oh, how she's waited for this.


They make their way quickly,
upstairs, to his place.
Where he undresses her slowly,
revealing, only her lace.


Upon the waiting bed,
he slowly lays her down.
And, into each other,
they begin to drown.


With impatient hands,
they playfully explore.
He looks into her eyes,
to ask her if she's sure.


The smile that she gives,
is all the answer he ever needs.
He pleasures her supple body,
until she moans and pleads.


Mouth on moistened mouth,
and lips on glistening skin-
what feels and tastes so good,
to them, can't possibly be a sin.


They meld as if they're one,
in utter sexual delight.
They know that they love...
they know, this is right.


When they are sated through,
have ridden the climactic crest,
he softly lays his head,
down, upon her creamy breast.


As the dawn lazily comes,
they arise in their knowing,
that once again, night has past,
...soon, she must be going.


She dresses then to leave,
and as he held her tight,
softly, he whispers against her cheek,
"I'll see you again tonight."


See, they know its just no use,
to fight what it is they feel.
So they'll just keep on meeting,
in whatever time they can steal.



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