Battling The Wolf


Like that of a lonesome creature,

howling its sorrowful wail.

The wolf that resides within'

cries out its painful tale.

A mask I wear upon my face,

is my badge of a telling fact.

Another symptom of the animal,

that has forged a full attack.

Just like the wolf, I hunt,

but my hunger is for a cure.

Stalking for survival,

my strength I use as lure.

A soulful inner cry,

that pierces the silent night.

I prepare again to battle the wolf,

in this weary lifelong fight.

My heart I use as armor,

my soul a sturdy shield.

Courage from somewhere deep inside,

becomes the weapon that I yield.

This battle is not our first confrontation,

nor will it be our last.

But I will be the victorious champion,

like those I have won in the past.

See it takes a cunning mind,

to beat the wolf at its own game.

And though I sent it running,

the beast forever remains.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*NOTE....'WOLF' is the Latin word for 'LUPUS'

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