Peace, Joy, Hope And Love

Peace looked down from Heaven,

upon the struggling earth.

A tear slid down her angel face,

"Don't they remember the gift of His birth?"

Joy was feeling at a loss,

for the world and all its sorrow.

"It seems as though no one cares,

if there was to be another tomorrow."

Hope felt her heart was breaking,

for the pain of all mankind.

"They seem to have just given up,

and left their faith behind."

Love was crying softly,

"Why do they continue to fight?"

Her wings shook with her sobbing,

"How do we make it right?"

God called His angels to him,

"Fear not, My gentle ones."

"I'm sending all of you down there,

to spread the Word of My Son."

With a wave of His mighty hand,

the angels descended down below.

Arriving to earth on angel wings,

with their ethereal glow.

On that day they began thier work,

to send the message from above.

Soon the earth was once again filled,

with Peace, Joy, Hope and Love.

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